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Who we are

We provide therapy, supervision, and training workshops in mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Who we are

New Zealand Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Training Ltd was founded on the principles of developing and delivering high-quality training and therapy.  We specialise in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)  therapy, training and supervision with  training courses in our ACT Professional Development Series.

This series provides the requisite knowledge and skills for  professionals to develop ACT knowledge and skills.  This series provides participants with the tools necessary to utilise evidence-based skills to enhance the well-being of clients.

Who are our workshops for?

​"ACT is a general model of the language and cognition processes involved in reducing psychological suffering and promoting human well-being. As such, it is not a specific set of techniques. Any ACT intervention is an instance of a general psychological strategy which is designed to be flexibly applied. ACT can be applied in short interventions done in minutes or hours, as well as in interventions which take many sessions. ACT can be used in groups, individual sessions, classroom settings, couples therapy, bibliotherapy, workplace trainings, and much more."

As such, our workshops are inclusive and we welcome participants from a varitey of backgrounds and working with different client groups.

How does ACT & ACT Training fit in with current guidelines and health outcomes?

​The Mental Health Commission published the paper ‘Blueprint II Improving mental health and wellbeing for all New Zealanders’ in June 2012 which provides a pathway for developing mental health services in New Zealand. Issues raised which are very much in sync with ACT include;

·         responses designed around a person’s needs

·         the importance of building resilience and the capacity for people to care for                   their own mental health

·         people living well even without regaining their full health

·         early and effective responses to mental health, addiction and behavioural issues

·         Increased access to these responses

ACT training can support the stepped care approach in making a contribution to:

·         Making interventions with different levels of intensity available

·         Matching the needs of individuals to the most appropriate intervention

·         the provision of services such as talking therapies, that are known to be of value

·         the accessibility of clinical expertise

·         the workforce continuing to develop its ability to implement new

          methods of care in different settings using a variety of methods

The paper also emphasises the importance of investing in workforce development by providing training to develop the diverse skills of the team to be able to provide interventions (for both groups and individuals) at the right level and intensity. Ensuring that the workforce has these essential capabilities will enhance the recovery of and support for individuals and their family/whānau.

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Psychology & Counselling Services 

MindfulnessCBT is a professional and specialist Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) & Acceptance & Commitment Therapy service.


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Our ‘Live Well Work Well’ worksite wellness programme aims to improve the health and working practices of your employees


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Find out more about the workshops and courses in our ACT Professional Development Series.


Structured and supportive supervision specifically aimed to support supervisees to learn ACT.